Search engine optimization is what your brand needs to be known in the world of internet. There is an old saying, you sing in the desert and no one will hear you. The world of google has made it primitive for every brand to ensure its web presence. In summary, if you are not on Google, you don’t exist. Our specialized team in SEO ensures registration to relevant directories to provide you a web presence that meets your bottom line goal i.e. a virtual business existence.

We Offer a Holistic Approach to SEO to cover maximum areas web appearances for your brand. Below is a list of activities we perform for our clients:

  1. Social Bookmarking : To bring you maximum searches on google for your website
  2. Microblogging : To Cover Maximum searches on Google for your website search
  3. Social Profile Creation : Your Brand Should have an account on each key social Networking site which can increase your Sales counters
  4. Directory Submissions : These Directories offer your website to appear within their categories. Helps in Google Ranking
  5. Search Engine Submissions : Key Search Engine Submissions like Yahoo, Bing, Google. Helps in improving search engine rankings
  6. Keyword Ranking : The most important of all. Specific Long tail Keywords which your customers are fond of searching on google , in your region. Keyword Optimization will help your website show within the top 5 to 7 searches against your industry keywords.


Reporting : Weekly reports are sent to the client

Result : The bottom line of any promotional activity is increasing sales. We guarantee a regular traffic on your website, that increases inquiries and sales.